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  • Cosmetic dentistry in Turkey has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many people traveling to the country to undergo various dental procedures. One of the most well-known clinics in Turkey is Vera Smile, which offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services to patients from all over the world.
  • Whether you’re looking to whiten your teeth, straighten your smile, or even undergo a complete smile makeover with dental implants, Vera Smile has you covered. The clinic’s highly trained and experienced dentists work closely with each patient to develop a personalized treatment plan that fits their unique needs and goals.

The most significant advantages of cosmetic dentistry in Turkey is the blend of exceptional skills, high success rates, and budget-friendly pricing. Despite being cost-effective, patients can still expect top-quality care and state-of-the-art treatments at Vera Smile.

Additionally, it has been found that there is a strong link between good health, longevity, and smiling.

Smiling attracts others, elevates mood, and acts as a natural antidepressant. It boosts the immune system, promotes relaxation, and is contagious, affecting moods around us. Smiling is easy, free, and beneficial, making it essential for creating a positive atmosphere. Don’t forget! A smile is the most important thing you wear.

In addition to the cost savings, many patients travel to Turkey for cosmetic dentistry because of the opportunity to combine their dental treatment with a vacation. Istanbul, in particular, is a popular destination for dental tourists, with its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture.

Overall, if you’re considering cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, Vera Smile is an excellent option. With its skilled team of dentists and comprehensive range of services, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the highest level of care and achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you’ve always wanted.

Achieve a Winning Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your smile and fix any dental issues you may have, our cosmetic dentistry treatment at Vera Smile can help you achieve the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. Our team of expert dentists is well-trained and experienced in providing customized treatments to suit your requirements.

We offer affordable prices for cosmetic dentistry to ensure you get the desired results, whether you want to have sparkling white teeth or correct your crooked smile. Book a consultation today and experience the joy of having a natural-looking smile that you can be proud of.

Cosmetic Dentistry Advantages

  • Suitable for various patient needs, our cosmetic dentistry in Istanbul, Turkey, includes a range of treatments that will tackle problems surrounding chewing, speech, and oral health, using the latest technology to create an everlasting treatment.
  • We also specialize in cosmetic dentistry to address common aesthetic concerns such as teeth straightening and whitening. Our popular Hollywood smile treatment can help give you the pearly whites you’ve always wanted.
  • We can provide dental implants and crowns to replace missing or damaged teeth and help you restore and rejuvenate your smile.
  • Correct misaligned teeth or a crooked smile, chipped, damaged, or missing teeth, and discoloration of teeth from coffee, wine, etc.

Why Choose Us for Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey?

State-of-the-art facilities

Qualified and experienced medical team

Accommodation and onward travel included

Expert aftercare and patient care

High-quality standards of service

Permanent, natural-looking results

Trusted destination for medical tourists

Affordable procedure costs

The Process of Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey

Our dentists will carry out the ideal approach for your treatment after an initial consultation. This will be an opportunity for you to learn about all of the cosmetic dentistry procedures available to you and help narrow down the options that can provide you with optimum results.

  • We will discuss your medical and dental history to ensure the cosmetic dentistry procedures are safe and will propose minimal risks for you – your safety is our number one priority.
  • Once the treatment plan has been decided, any questions and concerns can be addressed. The process will be discussed in total, so you know what to expect from the treatment and gain a realistic idea of the results you can achieve.
  • Vera Smile will offer full support following your cosmetic dentistry in Istanbul, Turkey, providing you with the necessary aftercare. During your stay, we go above and beyond to ensure you are comfortable and fully informed of any next steps and the recovery process.
  • If you suffer from any dental phobias, please inform us beforehand so we can consider these and alter your treatment to make the experience as positive as possible for your needs.

1 – Before the Treatment

  • Free analysis

Enjoy a free analysis to ensure cosmetic dentistry is suitable for your needs.

  • Free Virtual Consultation

A free, bespoke consultation to ensure you have the best results from one of our expert consultants.

2 – During the Treatment

  • Transportation

We can help to arrange VIP transport to and from the airport, as well as to our clinic for your treatment.

  • Accommodation

We will assist with arranging accommodation for your stay, to make you feel safe and comfortable for the duration of your trip.

  • Translation

A translator will be by your side during your trip. We speak your language!

  • Medical Pack

As part of your journey, we will provide you with all the necessary medication and care.

3 – After the Treatment

  • Regular Checkups

As part of your journey, we will provide you with all the necessary medication and care.

  • Guarantee Program

We believe in value and quality over quantity, that’s why we offer a guarantee on our treatments.

  • Additional Advice and 24h/7 support

We remain available 24H/7 post-procedure to answer your question and provide advice on any additional treatments that may assist with your long-term results.

Choosing Vera Smile for Expert Cosmetic Dentistry in Istanbul, Turkey

Improving self-confidence is a crucial reason for choosing cosmetic dentistry in Turkey. Ultimately, your smile will bring joy and happiness to you and the people around you. On the other hand, many people may suffer from insecurity due to their teeth. It’s not just aesthetics that can be improved through cosmetic dentistry, but also oral health issues. These can be addressed to avoid further problems forming down the line.

  • Certain teeth misalignments can initiate bacteria growth and chewing impediments. This can cause cavities and new problems.
  • Addressing any oral health issues as soon as possible can help improve the appearance and function of your teeth.
  • Our cosmetic dentistry in Turkey reviews from past patients’ displays with some life-changing results, with people having fewer concerns about their teeth problems getting worse in the future and embracing their new smile.

Cosmetic dentistry in Istanbul, Turkey, is growing in popularity across all age groups. Although aesthetic dentistry procedures are generally related to younger generations, your teeth will lose quality with age. Cosmetic dentistry solutions can provide outstanding results for those of all ages. The perfect smile can help take years off your appearance, giving you a new lease of life as well as helping to reduce the likelihood of any issues with your teeth and gums.

How to choose a trusted dental clinic in Turkey?

Once you have decided on having cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, knowing where to find a trusted healthcare provider can feel overwhelming as there are many to choose from.

  • You should check to ensure that you are visiting an accredited hospital with qualified surgeons to ensure hygiene, safety, and industry-standard measures are followed.
  • Looking into cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, reviews will help you to gain an idea of their trustworthiness based on the experiences of past patients.
  • The team at Vera Smile takes quality standards very seriously. Our hospital passes the International Certification Audit and holds an ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System certificate, so you can be sure you are in the best hands.
  • Our dentists have extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry and have undergone thorough training, performing the most intricate of procedures with outstanding levels of precision.
  • Our Hollywood Smile treatment is 95% successful, conducted by our experienced team to help you achieve the celebrity grin that may have seemed unreachable.

We take the time to get to know the background and needs of every patient, making the process of traveling overseas for cosmetic dentistry in Turkey as smooth as possible. This way, we can provide you with the results you’re looking for.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey FAQs

At Vera Smile, we provide cosmetic dentistry procedures which will address and resolve the overall aesthetic appearance of your teeth. This differs slightly from general dentistry as this focuses on general oral health and preventing oral diseases. If you have good oral health and want to address the appearance of your teeth, a cosmetic dentist will be ideal for helping recommend treatment to correct all smile concerns. At Vera Smile, we can book you in for a consultation to assess your suitability for cosmetic dentistry and provide results.

People contact us for a whole host of reasons to have cosmetic dentistry. Still, most usually want to restore, rejuvenate, or achieve an ideal smile. Whether it’s one tooth you are unhappy with or your natural smile, you will want a cosmetic dentist to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. General dentistry is sufficient if you want a checkup or to check the overall health of your teeth and gums. Anything related to having the smile of your dreams, at Vera Smile, we can help provide. If there has always been something about your teeth you’ve wanted to change, a cosmetic dentist can provide the treatment you want.

We always aim to provide high-quality treatment. The chance of experiencing a failed treatment is meager, with us conducting hundreds of procedures that have been successful. This is all thanks to our consultation period so we can ensure the results you want can be achieved first before proceeding with treatment. This reduces issues with implants becoming loose or falling out and any general problems. Failed procedures are usually the result of a lack of consultation. The general skill of the dentist or surgeon needs to be up to standard. You can rest assured that our highly-skilled and experienced cosmetic dentists can provide maximum efficiency and long-lasting results.

Thanks to minimally invasive techniques and the skill of our dentists, any pain and discomfort experienced during treatment are minimal. Most will be performed under local anesthetic, numbing the area where treatment occurs. You may feel slight discomfort from the initial injection, but the course of the procedure will be painless. Following the procedure, you may feel numb in the treated area, but this will wear off. Depending on the type of treatment you undergo, your aftercare may include painkillers and applying ice to the treated area to reduce swelling. Suppose you are concerned or worried about undergoing cosmetic treatment. In that case, our caregivers will do their best to accommodate you to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Depending on the treatment performed, you can look forward to many years of having the desired smile. There are factors related to hygiene and lifestyle to consider. For example, if your teeth are whitened over time, this may fade and need redoing. If having dental implants, you can expect these to last for anywhere between 5 – 15 years, with veneers having similar longevity between 6 – 10 years. Following the aftercare advice provided after treatment is essential to ensure you can maintain the results. Eventually, teeth will wear down from use and become discolored, so keeping your expectations in line and avoiding anything damaging your teeth will extend their lifespan.

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