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  • Gum reduction surgery, also known as gingivectomy, is a dental procedure that involves the removal of excess gum tissue to improve the appearance of the teeth.
  • This procedure is becoming increasingly popular in Turkey, with many patients opting for gum reduction surgery to enhance their smile.
  • Gum reduction surgery in Turkey is a safe and effective option for those looking to improve the appearance of their teeth and gums.

A stunning smile is one of the most powerful assets a person can have. Every smile conveys the confidence and approachability of the owner. That is why the dental world offers a lot of treatments to alter smiles to get a better look with a boost of confidence. Gum reduction surgery is one of the treatments that is offered under this category. It is a transformative procedure for individuals with excessive gum tissue. 

What is gum reduction surgery?

Gum reduction surgery is one of the cosmetic dental treatments we use for reshaping your gum line to achieve a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing look. Gum reduction surgery is also known as crown lengthening or gingivectomy. 

With gum reduction surgery, we aim to fix the phenomenon known as the ‘Gummy smile’. A gummy smile occurs when the gum tissue covers a significant portion of the surface of your teeth. Genetics play a large role in it, so it can only be fixed by an operation.

Every smile is unique and not every ‘gummy smile’ should be fixed. However, if you are uncomfortable with how your gums look, maybe they appear short and stubby to you, gum reduction surgery can help you fix that. 

The benefits of gum reduction surgery

Gum reduction surgery is designed to make you feel better about your smile. If you are not comfortable with how you smile, gum reduction surgery can give you the power to control it and make it better.

Gum reduction surgery gives you a new look, a boost of confidence, and a chance to feel more comfortable when you talk and smile. With the right clinic and the right treatment, it can make you a whole new person and transform your life.

Gum reduction procedure at Vera Smile


Being informed is the first part of any medical procedure. When you first contact us, we get your information and expectations. In our first consultation, we examine your case and go over the treatments we think would help you get your dream smile. We make sure you are making an informed decision by going in detail about these treatments. 

After you confirm the treatment package we crafted for you, we get you ready with transportation, accommodation, translation, and any extra service you may need to ensure you have a smooth treatment process. 


Before the procedure, you go through some tests and an in-person consultation process. This process ensures your treatment package will give you the desired results. 


Gum reduction surgery can be done with different techniques such as lasers, radiology, or basic scalpels. No matter which technique we use, we remove your excess gum tissue and reshape it to expose your teeth more by using multiple tools during the process. 


After the procedure, you might feel a bit sore for a while but we will reduce the healing process as much as we can with meds and post-treatment techniques. Healing process is important like the procedure itself, so you need to follow our instructions to ensure a good finish to a good treatment procedure.

How much does gum reduction surgery cost?

Gum reduction is a dental procedure done for aesthetics concerns. It can be combined with other treatments depending on your special case to give you your dream smile. This can make the procedure more complicated which would cause cost increasement. Apart from the complexity of the procedure, there are many factors that affect the cost such as the location, the expertise, required technology, and the extent of your treatment. 

Most clinics in the UK and the USA offer dental services such as gum reduction for unbelievably high prices. These prices scare people away even though they need the treatment desperately. 

Dental tourism, at its peak after a decade, gives individuals a chance to avoid the high cost of dental treatments in their country to get a better treatment for a better deal. Turkey, among these countries, has great clinics on-site considered the best in the dental tourism world. The clinics offer flawless treatment procedures with their state-of-the-art technology, great hospitality, and expert staff. All this is topped with Turkey’s gorgeous tourist sites to give you the best holiday experience in a dental treatment package!

Why Vera Smile? 

At Vera Smile, your comfort and happiness come first. Every case is different and unique in its way. We pay attention to details and focus on crafting a treatment package that will give us your dream smile.

We do not alter every smile the same way. Your treatment should respect your dream look while considering your features for a plan that compliments your features instead of overshadowing them. We stand by this and guarantee you that the results will be yours and yours truly. A smile that stands out, a smile that shines, a smile that is yours. Contact us for more. 

Vera smile dental tourism process


Am I eligible for gum reduction surgery?

Not every gummy smile needs correction. Gum reduction surgery is suitable for individuals who are unhappy with the excessive gum tissue around their teeth. If you do not like the way your smile looks because of your gums, you might choose to proceed with gum reduction surgery to fix the problem you are having.

What happens if I do not get gum reduction surgery?

For most individuals gum surgery is not an urgent medical treatment. Yet, since your gums are there everytime you smile, it is normal to want to get rid of them in case they disturb you. It is an easy and fast procedure that can help change your life significantly.

How painful is gum reduction surgery? 

No. Gum reduction surgery is one of the dental procedures that require local anesthesia. Thanks to local anesthesia, you will not feel anything during the surgery. Afterwards you might feel slight soreness and discomfort but it would go away quickly, so you do not have to worry about it. 

How long does it take to recover from gum removal surgery? 

While it depends on your special case, it usually takes minimum a week and maximum two months to fully heal from a gum removal surgery. The extensiveness of the operation determines the healing process so it is better to talk before the procedure about the duration of the healing process for you personally.

How long will my gums be sore after gum surgery? 

The recovery process of gum reduction surgery is usually very short. You can expect the soreness to completely disappear after 7-10 days, although most of it will begin to go away within 2-4 days. 

How long after gum surgery can I eat? 

After your gum surgery, you need to follow a liquid diet for at least 48 hours. After that, you can start having soft foods, and within two weeks, you can return to your regular diet.

What can you eat after gum surgery? 

After your gum surgery you would have to follow a liquid-based diet for a while before proceeding with soft food and your regular diet. For this period of time, you can get your doctor’s recommendations on what to eat for each stage of the recovery process.

Will Overgrown Gums Go Away?

For those experiencing overgrown gums, they can sometimes go away if you improve your oral hygiene and introduce healthier habits into your lifestyle. However, not everyone can stop their gums from overgrowing, and when it becomes a problem, dental surgery to stop this issue can be beneficial for appearance and oral health. Overgrown gums are also known as gingival hyperplasia. It often occurs down to different types of medication or bad oral health inside the mouth.

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