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Misalignment of teeth can result in wide-ranging, destructive dental health issues if left untreated for too long. From problems with chewing, where the actual act of eating becomes painful, to speech, where your dental disfigurement leaves you with poor pronunciation. The once-simple tasks you took for granted transform into something more serious that will impact your day-to-day life. Without the help of dental braces, you can also develop an overgrowth of bacteria within your mouth, which will inevitably lead to cavities, loss of teeth, and, consequently, pain.

As the number one Orthodontist in Turkey, Vera Smile offers some of the best dental braces in Turkey, as well as many dental services, allowing us to resolve a wide range of dental issues that you may have. We also offer many other cosmetic procedures, such as our world-leading hair transplants in Turkey.

We understand that not every person will naturally possess straight teeth, nor huge amounts of money to spend on their teeth. That’s why we offer a cost-effective solution, providing the best quality braces in Turkey designed to improve your quality of life. Making sure you end up with the perfect smile.

At Vera Smile, our braces are the ideal solution to your orthodontic anomalies, assisting you in straightening out any dental misalignment and leveling out your imbalances to enjoy numerous benefits once you have received your orthodontic treatment in Turkey.

What are dental braces ?

Dental braces or orthodontic braces are these devices that we use to align and straighten teeth. Braces help correct malocclusion (bite issues), like overbite or underbite, as well as crooked teeth, crowded teeth, or gapped teeth. Dental braces work by applying continuous pressure over time to move teeth little by little into the desired position. 

What are the types of braces? 

There are different types of dental braces. Each is used according to your specific conditions and its severity, as well as your personal preferences. 

Metal braces 

Metal braces in Turkey

It’s the first type of braces that comes to our minds when we think about braces. These classical braces employ stainless steel bands and wires to shift your teeth into their new position. 

Metal braces are noticeable when you smile and open your mouth. However, you have the option to change the color of the ligatures; which are the rubber bands used to secure the wires; opting for a tooth-colored ligature will help the braces blend a little with your teeth.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces, also known as clear braces, function similarly to metal braces but with a notable distinction: the brackets, wires, and ligatures are tooth-colored, seamlessly blending with your teeth. While ceramic braces are still visible when you smile, their appearance is more discreet compared to traditional metal braces. However, it’s worth noting that ceramic braces are somewhat delicate compared to their metal counterparts, increasing the likelihood of breakage.

Ceramic braces in Turkey

Lingual braces

Lingual braces- back of the teeth braces

Lingual braces are very similar to traditional braces, but with a major difference: they are placed on the back surfaces of your teeth rather than the front. The primary motivation for choosing lingual braces is often the desire for discretion, as they are virtually invisible from the outside. You can smile and talk and no one will be the wiser that you have dental braces on. 

Self ligating braces

They look very similar to traditional braces with the main difference being that we use a built-in system to hold the archwire, instead of the rubber bands used for traditional metal braces.

Metal dental braces closeup

Clear aligners

clear aligners in Turkey

Clear aligners, often called “invisible braces,” offer an alternative to traditional braces. Rather than employing brackets and wires, they utilize custom-made trays to gradually align your teeth. 

In these systems, you wear each set of aligner trays for about two weeks before transitioning to the next set. Unlike metal braces, clear aligners are removable, but they must be worn for a minimum of 22 hours daily. They should only be removed for eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth.

Process of Dental braces in Turkey – Vera Smile


We invite you to schedule a consultation at Vera Smile dental clinic for your dental braces in Turkey. During this appointment, we will carefully examine your teeth, take X-rays, and discuss your treatment goals with you.

Treatment Planning

Based on our assessment, we will develop a personalized treatment plan specifically for you. We’ll go over the different braces options available, such as traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, or clear aligners, and recommend the best choice for your needs and budget.


When you choose braces at Vera Smile, we’ll start by thoroughly cleaning and drying your teeth. Then, we’ll apply a bonding agent to attach the brackets. Next, we’ll carefully thread the wires through the brackets and secure them in place with elastic bands or ligatures.


Throughout your treatment journey, we’ll schedule regular appointments for adjustmenting your braces. During these visits, we’ll ensure your braces are working effectively by tightening the wires or making other necessary modifications to continue shifting your teeth into their desired positions.


Proper maintenance is crucial for a successful dental braces treatment. We’ll provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for your braces, including avoiding certain foods that could damage them and practicing good oral hygiene habits. It’s essential to attend all scheduled appointments for adjustments and check-ups to ensure the best results.


When your teeth have achieved the desired alignment, we’ll carefully remove your braces. Depending on your individual needs, we may recommend wearing a retainer to help maintain your beautiful new smile.

Throughout your journey with us, we’ll closely monitor your progress and provide any necessary guidance or adjustments along the way. At Vera Smile dental clinic, your satisfaction and comfort are our top priorities. We’re here to support you every step of the way towards achieving your dream smile.

Why choose Vera Smile for your Dental Braces in Turkey?

At Vera Smile, our professional team provides comprehensive and versatile orthodontic treatments at a remarkably low cost compared to global standards. Our Braces prices in Turkey are the cheapest you will find, without having to compromise on quality and orthodontic treatment in Turkey is truly second to none. When deciding upon the clinic for your dental braces in Turkey, trustworthiness and the ability to perform effectively are essential. 

All treatments at Vera Smile’s Orthodontist in Turkey abide by strict national medical regulations and use only the highest quality of materials to produce all dental braces in Turkey. Even though the orthodontic treatment in Turkey is of a low cost, this doesn’t impede our quality whatsoever. Turkey’s braces costs are lower due to subsidies by the Turkish Government, which means braces prices in Turkey can remain affordable without cutting any corners. All dental braces in Turkey give your teeth durability while enabling them to regain a natural-looking appearance.

Our state-of-the-art hospital offers restorative and cosmetic dental treatments tailored to your needs. Whether you seek dental braces in Turkey for aesthetic or medical reasons, we provide top-quality care to enhance your oral health and confidence. Experience dental health and financial savings with our affordable braces options.

How To Get Braces In Turkey

To enjoy the best braces in Turkey, you will need to book in with one of our dentists or Orthodontists in Turkey. Upon consultation, you will receive a comprehensive explanation of all the procedures we have to offer. The braces cost will be broken down for you, depending on your specific oral requirements. All your concerns will be addressed here by our friendly team, whether it regards the braces price in Turkey, how long the procedure will take, or anything else. Together with our dentists, we will assess which of our dental braces treatments is most suitable for you.

How does Dental Braces Cost in Turkey manage to be so low?

Many individuals can be skeptical about traveling abroad for medical treatment, especially to get dental aesthetic procedures such as veneers or braces in Turkey. However, Turkey has an excellent medical system in general. Istanbul’s hospitals and clinics boast contemporary and sophisticated medical services with outstanding professionalism. Turkey’s healthcare system has become quite comparable to Europe, the United Kingdom, and America.

Many are interested in why the dental braces cost in Turkey is much lower than in other parts of the world. Firstly, one of the most significant influential factors on lower medical prices in Turkey is the country supporting the domestic manufacturing of any goods and products over importing. Consequently, any costs usually associated with shipping, logistics, and customs are eliminated from the final quote given by many clinics.

Secondly, the average salaries of a country underpin what is considered “low cost”. Not only income, but the cost of living is much higher in other world areas like the UK and USA. Therefore, Turkey’s low dental braces cost has everything to do with the economy rather than the quality of procedures.

If you have a larger budget for cosmetic dental alignment, perhaps creating a hollywood smile or considering dental implants may be an option for you?


How to care for teeth with braces? 

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is paramount, especially with the presence of dental braces. Plaque and tartar accumulation around your braces can heighten the risk of cavities and gingivitis.

Your dentist or orthodontist will provide you with comprehensive instructions on caring for your dental braces. However, here are some essential guidelines to follow:

– Brush your teeth at least twice daily using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.

– Floss between your teeth and around your braces once daily. (Inquire about special floss for braces from your dentist or orthodontist.)

– If you have clear aligners, ensure you clean them daily and store them appropriately when not in use.

– Incorporate an alcohol-free, antibacterial mouthwash into your routine, swishing twice daily.

– Steer clear of hard, crunchy, or sticky foods that may damage your braces.

– Regularly attend appointments with your orthodontist for adjustments and maintenance.

What age is the best for braces? 

Orthodontic treatment is suitable for individuals of all ages. However, the optimal time for braces typically falls between ages 9 and 14 when the jaws and facial bones are still developing, making them more receptive to treatment. Nonetheless, adult braces remain highly effective, although achieving desired results may require a slightly longer duration.

How long do I have to wear braces? 

The duration of braces treatment varies based on several factors. Typically, for traditional metal braces, the average treatment time ranges from 12 to 24 months. Individuals with minor issues, such as a mild overbite and a few crooked teeth, may complete treatment in 12 months. Conversely, those with more complex issues like a severe overbite, crossbite, multiple crooked teeth, and impacted teeth may require the full 24 months for optimal results. 

At Vera Smile, we utilize braces designed to shorten the braces treatment duration. Our clear braces are self-ligating, with brackets equipped with miniature “doors” that secure the archwire in place, eliminating the need for rubber bands that need to be changed every six weeks. This option enhances patient comfort, and the enhanced mobility of the archwire accelerates the alignment process, resulting in quicker progress towards straighter teeth.

Is it painful to get dental braces?

Getting dental braces typically involves some discomfort rather than pain. When braces are first applied or adjusted, you may experience soreness, pressure, or tenderness in your teeth and gums. This discomfort is temporary and usually lasts for a few days after each adjustment. Over-the-counter pain relievers and eating soft foods can help alleviate any discomfort during this period. It’s important to remember that any discomfort experienced during braces treatment is a normal part of the process as your teeth are gradually shifted into their correct positions. If you experience severe or persistent pain, be sure to contact us for guidance. 

What can I eat with braces? 

When you have braces, it’s important to choose foods that are soft, easy to chew, and won’t damage your braces. Here are some examples of foods you can eat with braces:

What to eat with braces?

1. Soft fruits like bananas, applesauce, and berries

2. Cooked vegetables such as mashed potatoes, steamed carrots, and soft squash

3. Soft grains like oatmeal, rice, and pasta

4. Tender meats such as chicken, fish, and meatloaf

5. Dairy products like yogurt, pudding, and cheese

6. Soft breads and muffins

7. Smoothies and milkshakes

Avoid hard, sticky, or crunchy foods that can damage your braces or get stuck in them, such as popcorn, nuts, hard candies, chewing gum, and tough meats. It’s also important to cut foods into small, bite-sized pieces and chew carefully to avoid damaging your braces or hurting your teeth.

Braces price in Turkey is much lower than in other parts of the world. Turkey offers some of the best prices globally for this dental aesthetic procedure. On average, braces prices in Turkey can range anything from $700 – $1550. Prices vary depending on your individual needs. Once you book a consultation at Vera Smile, we will be able to assess what the right price for you will be.

Yes, Turkish pedodontists are highly trained professionals, with many years of experience in treating children’s dental problems.

Your face may well change after having braces in turkey, but this will often be for the better. As your dental structure changes, so will the exterior of your face. Contact us today for advice and a quote depending on your specific needs. For more details, also visit our Blog Page, where we have more information regarding orthodontic treatment in Turkey and much more.

After having orthodontics treatment in Turkey, pain responses to braces are different for everyone who gets them. They don’t often hurt, but you may feel discomfort and ache for up to a week after receiving orthodontics treatment in Turkey. This is while your teeth, gums, cheeks, and mouth get used to your new braces. Usually, there will be visits to tighten the braces at intervals, and the same pain will be experienced with each tightening. However, it wears off once you become adjusted.

Suppose your brackets or wires are rubbing on the inside of your mouth and causing you discomfort, which can be pretty standard. You can purchase dental wax, which smooths over any part of the braces which may be causing pain.

There is no best age to get braces. For children, as recommended by pedodontists, ages 10 and 14 are a good time as their mouth and head are still growing – the exact time depends on growth and how quickly a child’s adult teeth come through. Despite braces being popular among young teenagers and children, they can also be effective in older teenagers and adults.

Braces are still effective for adults who opt for them, and modern styles make them much less noticeable. Many adults choose to get braces after not being able to afford them when they were younger or because their teeth have shifted with age. Of course, orthodontics treatment in Turkey is much cheaper, which is generally beneficial for all who want it. Even as an adult, getting braces can give you decades of more attractive straight teeth and correct serious structural problems, so many people see them as a worthwhile investment.

The duration of treatment with braces varies from one individual to another, depending on the severity of dental misalignment. Typically, the shortest period is six months, and the longest is 30 months. However, sometimes braces can be worn for up to three years, but this can vary significantly for each person based on growth and the severity of the problem. It also depends on the patient’s cooperation, including maintaining good oral hygiene, wearing auxiliaries such as rubber bands as directed, avoiding bad food, and keeping all their follow-up appointments.

What’s the most critical aftercare advice for maintaining good dental hygiene with braces?

While wearing braces, it’s crucial to maintain good oral hygiene. Here are a few main pointers for keeping good oral health:

  • Brush your teeth regularly – after eating, it’s essential to brush your teeth – preferably with an electric toothbrush. This will help remove any food debris getting caught in your brace. It’s critical not to use any whitening toothpaste. The whitening agents will only work on places it touches. It will not whiten underneath the bracket. Wait until you have had your braces removed to start using these products for an even colour. If your toothbrush hasn’t removed all food particles, use an interdental brush. It’s ideal for getting into small gaps to remove particles that your toothbrush can’t reach.
  • Floss your teeth – You can use floss to thread between the brace wires and teeth. It can help remove plaque and food particles and keeps your gums healthy.
  • Keep checking your teeth and braces – Keep your teeth and brace hygiene in check by regularly ensuring all food and plaque are cleaned away. This is also important for checking that the brackets and wires are in good shape, ensuring nothing is loose or broken.

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