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Every smile is a unique and sweet expression of happiness reflecting individuality and joy. Some smiles are more ‘gummy’ than others causing a condition referred to as ‘gummy smile’.. While a gummy smile does not pose a medical risk, it might be a cosmetic concern for the individuals. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry offers various solutions to address this problem.

What is a gummy smile?

A gummy smile is described as a significant amount of gum tissue being visible when a person smiles. It is a common condition most people have. It is not a medical condition in the majority of cases and not everyone with a gummy smile wants to change how they look. However, it can affect the person’s self-esteem and distort the desire to smile. 

For individuals who want to change the way their smile looks, the dental world invented ways to treat this phenomenon in different ways.

Treatments for gummy smile

There is more than one effective treatment we use to address a gummy smile. 

Crown lengthening: 

When your smile is gummy and your teeth appear small, crown lengthening can reshape your excess gum and bone to make your smile look better. 

Injections (lip filler) & botox: 

We use injections for a lot of things in the medical world, not just for cosmetics. We also use it for fixing gummy smiles. By lowering the upper lip with Botox injections and plumping it with fillers, you can conceal gums that are over 3 millimeters. Fillers, typically made of hyaluronic acid or collagen, add volume and hydration to your lips. This non-invasive procedure can be completed in an hour or less, allowing you to smile more confidently. We often combine these treatments for optimal results.

Laser surgery: 

Laser surgery helps us with a lot of dental treatments. This includes gummy smiles. With the help of a beam of light, we can shape your gums and create your dream smile.


With gingivectomy, we make small incisions in the gum tissue, to make your gums look smaller and achieve your dream smile.

Gummy Smile Procedure at Vera Smile

All gummy smile treatments are proceeded with great care and focus on both the functional and aesthetic aspects of your smile at Vera Smile. Throughout your transformative journey, we ensure your comfort and happiness at every step.


After you contact us, we inform you about our clinic and the expertise we offer. We go through your case in a free consult session and create a treatment plan together. When we are on the same page about the treatment package, we prepare your transportation and accommodation details for you. 

Pre-Gummy Smile procedure

When we get you to the clinic, we run some tests and do a medical background check to make sure the treatment plan will go accordingly. We give you a detailed explanation of how the process will go and what to expect afterwards.

Procedure of Gummy Smile

According to the treatment or combined treatments you are going to get, the procedure process will be different.

Crown lengtheningDuring the process, we recounter your gum tissue and prepare your properly-shaped caps that will fit over your teeth. The main procedure takes 1 to 2 hours max.
Injections & BotoxWe inject a small amount of botulinum toxin into your upper lip muscles and relax them. While the recovery time for this is very quick, you will need a minimum two weeks to see the end results.
Laser surgeryAs with many treatments in the dental world, laser surgery is also used for gummy smiles. Laser surgery helps us lift your gums and make your smile look less gummy.
GingivectomyThe surgical procedure of gingivectomy involves us making small incisions in your gum tissue and removing the excessive part. 

Post-Gummy smile procedure

After the procedure, our team walks you through how to handle the aftercare and what to do to maintain a good oral health. 

How much do gummy smile treatments cost?

Depending on the location, the professionalism level of your doctors, the type of the treatment you are getting for a gummy smile, and your personal case; the price can change drastically. As dental treatments are already expensive, gummy smile treatments are not an exception. 

Turkey provides competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. The country is among the best countries in the dental tourism industry not just for the advanced technology for better prices, but also for the touristic sceneries. 

Why Vera Smile? 

As Vera Smile, we focus on personalized treatment to get the desired look crafted for your unique features. With our competitive prices, care and state-of-the-art technology; we offer you the best dental treatment a clinic can offer. With our expertise, you can achieve your dream smile and you will not worry about anything other than visiting Kapalı Çarşı sometime during your trip!


How to get rid of a gummy smile?

There are different treatment types you can choose from to fix your gummy smile from lasers to injections. You can trust us for choosing the best treatment type for you after going through a detailed examination.

Why do I have a gummy smile?

Gummy smiles can be a result of genetics, side effects of medications, or poor dental hygiene. We can examine your case to determine what’s the cause of your gummy smile but the cause will not change the type of treatment plan we will craft for you. You do not have to worry about it.

Can lip fillers fix a gummy smile?

Yes, by relaxing your lip muscles, lip fillers can help us get rid of your gummy smile. The procedure is pretty simple and there is no healing period. You just have to wait a bit to see the end results.

How long does Gummy Smile Botox last?

When we fix your gummy smile with botox, the lasting effects will change according to your personal case. After your treatment, we can discuss it and get you the correct answer. 

Can I get rid of the gummy smile naturally?

Some exercises can help your lips appear another way like face yoga. While this might help, it would take a long time and dedication before it looks like what you want.

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