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Are you dreaming of a picture-perfect smile that exudes charm? with the Hollywood Smile treatment in Turkey, your dream is now a reachable reality. Our state-of-the-art dental clinic in Istanbul is your one-stop destination to transform your smile and enhance your facial appearance like never before.

Hollywood Smile At Vera Smile

Our dentists at Vera Smile specialize in crafting the most stunning Hollywood Smiles in Turkey, custom-tailored to suit your unique needs and desires. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for creating dazzling smiles, we strive to deliver results that exceed your expectations and leave you feeling confident and proud of your new look.

The Hollywood Smile treatment at Vera Smile involves a comprehensive assessment of your teeth and dental health, followed by a personalized treatment plan that addresses all your concerns, from teeth scaling and polishing to your Hollywood smile. Our skilled dental professionals use the latest techniques and cutting-edge technology to provide you with the highest quality dental care, ensuring optimal results and a comfortable experience.

At Vera Smile, we believe in not only enhancing the aesthetics of your smile but also promoting overall oral health. Our Hollywood Smile treatment in Turkey aims to improve the function and appearance of your teeth, giving you the confidence to smile brightly and live your life to the fullest.

Hollywood Smile Advantages

A Hollywood smile refers to teeth that are perfectly sculpted and proportioned, providing an A-list look. As you might expect, the name was inspired by the wide ivory white beams from Hollywood celebrities, who started this trend and emphasized the benefits of having impeccable teeth.

Here are some advantages that you can expect With our Hollywood Smile treatment:

  • Provide your teeth with a perfect shade due to our high-quality Vita and Ivoclar dental products.
  • Eliminate discoloration and chipping.
  • Fill in any gaps between your teeth.
  • Restore your self-esteem, giving individuals the confidence boost they desire.
  • Re-align the gumline and correct any disproportionality between teeth.
  • Maintaining a consistent veneer shade to prevent any future discolorations.

Are you ready to see if you are suitable for this highly effective and stunning procedure? Book a consultation today, and we can assess your needs and advise on the results you can achieve.

What to Expect from Us

Suppose you want to enhance your teeth and achieve a winning smile. In this case, you can be sure that you are getting the best Hollywood Smile treatment at Vera Smile. Our Dental Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, is the perfect location to address any concerns with your smile. Our cosmetic dentistry treatments will help you save significantly when getting prosthetics or dental surgery. Although, the cost of a Hollywood smile in Turkey is much lower than in the rest of the world, you will still receive high-quality results and first-class care from our dentists. We provide an unrivaled service undertaken by experts in dental cosmetics that is the best.

Why Choose Vera Smile for a Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

State-of-the-art facilities

Qualified and experienced medical team

Accommodation and onward travel included

Expert aftercare and patient care

High-quality standards of service

Permanent, natural-looking results

Trusted destination for medical tourists

Affordable procedure costs

Are You Eligible for a Hollywood Smile?

The good news is that many people can benefit from a Hollywood Smile. As a one-size-fits-all procedure, receiving your Hollywood Smile in Istanbul is seamless.

  • The current condition of your teeth should not pose a problem. Whether you are concerned with the dental structure of your teeth or have any pre-existing dental problems.
  • Dental implants may be required first if you need a complete set of teeth where the veneers are to be placed.
  • Similarly, suppose you have severe misalignment of your teeth. In that case, an orthodontic treatment may be required before a Hollywood smile can be performed.
  • Your eligibility will be thoroughly assessed during your consultation.

The Process of Getting a Hollywood Smile in Turkey

Dental veneers are the backbone of the best Hollywood Smiles out there. Gaining prominence in recent years for their aesthetic appeal. They are often seen as the easiest, most efficient solution. which only follows a few steps:

  • A consultation will allow us to evaluate the current condition of your teeth. Suppose you have some dental issues, such as cavities or gum disease. In this case, the initial step will be to treat those issues before beginning the Hollywood Smile treatment.
  • Once we resolve any existing issues, we will take the exact digital measurements of your teeth, so that the correct size of veneers/crowns can be created to begin your treatment. This will involve taking an impression of the teeth and jaw using a digital intra-oral camera for 3D scan placed in your mouth.
  • Determining the material of the veneers/crowns, and their right shade to match, based on the neighboring teeth is the next step after acquiring a model of your mouth. Then we send all the data collected to a laboratory where it will be crafted.
  • Once the structure is ready, we will test the veneers/crowns before the final placement. If our dentist deems them suitable, the veneers will be cemented.
  • A local anesthetic is used, so you will not feel discomfort during the procedure. Once the procedure is finished, you will receive aftercare details, including brushing, flossing, and general oral hygiene recommendations.

Vera smile dental tourism process

Types of Dental Veneers for a Hollywood Smile

Various materials can be used to construct veneers suitable for our Hollywood Smile in Turkey treatment. These include:

Porcelain Veneers

This option involves a layer of your enamel being carved down to a similar thickness to the porcelain veneer shell (commonly known as Laminate veneers), usually around 1-2 mm. This allows the structure to fit in a way to obtain as close of a likeness to a natural tooth as possible, retaining authenticity. Placing porcelain veneers without removing a layer of the enamel is not recommended, this will make the teeth look bulky and unnatural. The minimal filing of existing teeth is a vital step for a natural-looking Hollywood Smile. However, there are other types of veneers that don’t require shaving, we call them no-prep veneers.

Zirconium Crowns

Zirconium dental crowns have been consistently delivering satisfactory results in terms of aesthetics, durability, texture harmony, and naturalness. In the realm of cosmetic dentistry, metal-supported porcelain crowns are gradually losing their appeal, as zirconium-based systems provide better harmony, natural appearance, aesthetics, and mechanical resistance. Zirconium-supported porcelain is the go-to option as it offers both aesthetic appeal for front teeth and robustness for rear teeth, ultimately improving the quality of life for individuals.

By booking a consultation, we can help you decide which option will provide the results you are looking for.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey FAQs

A Hollywood Smile in Turkey has become a popular dental aesthetic treatment in recent years, thanks to the way it transforms your teeth and smiles. One of the most significant advantages is that the Hollywood Smile cost in Turkey is exceptionally low, providing excellent value for money compared to the UK, Europe, and the US. We are also fortunate to have exceptional dental surgeons, internationally recognized for delivering desired, long-lasting results with patient care and safety a top priority. The Hollywood Smile in Turkey has paved the way for the successful treatment of cosmetic and extreme dental issues, which may have previously been overlooked or only treated using more invasive techniques. You can view cosmetic dentistry before and after images of some of our patients and see the results you could achieve at Vera Smile.

Turkey has emerged as a prime destination for top-notch dental treatments, renowned for its expert dentists who deliver exceptional expertise and world-class services. This reputation has made it a coveted choice for those seeking a transformative, celebrity-worthy smile enhancement.

Within this landscape of dental excellence, Vera Smile stands out as a beacon of Hollywood Smile magic. Here, distinguished dentists seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with extensive experience, ensuring amazing results. Committed to patient satisfaction, Vera Smile offers personalized treatment plans tailored to your individual needs and desires.

The Hollywood Smile procedure at Vera Smile employs advanced techniques, including veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, and dental implants, to craft a flawless, captivating smile worthy of a star. Opting for Vera Smile guarantees not only high-quality dental care but also affordability, making it an ideal choice for those investing in their appearance.

With an impressive 95% patient success rate, Hollywood Smile treatment at Vera Smile effectively restores confidence. For individuals concerned about the appearance and condition of their teeth, this procedure addresses issues like chips, alignment, and discoloration, providing access to the radiant smile once thought unattainable. In the realm of exceptional dental treatments in Turkey, Vera Smile stands as the premier choice, ensuring both excellence in care and transformative results.

The Hollywood Smile cost in Turkey depends on several factors, with the location being one of the defining ones. The more popular and trusted a center is, the higher the costs you can expect. However, even the most expensive clinics in Turkey are cheaper than elsewhere. You’ll need to consider other dental issues, such as cavities and gum disease, which can inevitably result in extending the number of sessions required for the treatment. The material used is also a factor. On average, a Hollywood Smile in Turkey can cost between 4500 – 5500 EUR, so you can expect significant savings overall, including travel and accommodation costs.

Depending on what you want to achieve with your teeth’s appearance, you may need a combination of both to get the desired results. This is true if you have any missing teeth for example, as dental implants will be needed so that veneers can be molded and fitted to them. During a consultation, our dental surgeons can examine and evaluate what work you need for the desired results. This will factor into the costs and procedure length if both are needed.

Veneers will last between 10-15 years until 20 years before they begin to wear down and need replacing. Even though these are no longer your natural teeth, receiving a Hollywood Smile shouldn’t mean you can neglect your dental hygiene. Although veneers are stain-resistant, your gums and neighboring teeth must remain healthy to avoid potential issues such as gum disease. A good oral hygiene routine will also help prolong the lifespan of your new Hollywood Smile.

Although dental veneers are well secured and placed, you should avoid unnecessarily damaging them. It would help if you did not consider using your teeth as a tool to open bottles, nail-biting, or any other activities that will increase the risk of chipping or breaking, causing expensive repair bills.

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