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£ 3.960


11 Upper Jaw SEVIL PEARLY WHITE® Full Veneers/Crowns
11 Lower Jaw SEVIL PEARLY WHITE® Full Veneers/Crowns


This client was unhappy with the alignment of his teeth. The front teeth had gaps, the teeth had an irregular shape, and the client also had an over-bite.  Owing to the shape of the teeth and the dynamics of his bite, some of the teeth also had small chips. The bottom set of teeth were not straight or symmetrical, resulting in an uneven bite and gum line.


We were able to close the gaps and create a more symmetrical appearance across the upper and lower jaw. With the use of SEVIL PEARLY WHITE® Full Veneers/Crowns we were able to provide a lovely aesthetic bright white smile.

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Alina Rafikova Treatment Plan


Hollywood Smile & Gingivectomy


Alina is a fashion icon and influencer. Her smile is extremely important to her work. She had difficulty with her mouth’s misaligned teeth. She made the decision to visit Vera Smile, the very best dental clinic in Turkey.


Alina had her gum line reshaped through a Gingivectomy combined with the Hollywood Smile procedure, giving her a more even and pleasing-to-the-eye smile.

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Category: Hollywood Smile & Gingivectomy

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