Dental Holidays in Turkey: Everything You Need to Know

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Dental holiday in Turkey- travel to get a dental treatment

Everything You Need to Know About a Dental Holiday in Turkey

Numerous patients need dental treatments, and the amount of people choosing a dental holiday in Turkey is growing in numbers. Turkey is becoming a hotspot for medical tourism due to the low costs. Not only that but the opportunity to discover the natural beauty and sunshine of Turkey is most appealing for many who need dental treatments.

Dental holiday packages are now attracting the attention of many clients, and it’s becoming the norm for many clinics offering dental treatment and cosmetic surgery to offer holiday packages.

Dental Holiday Packages

Many clients in need of dental treatment come to Turkey from abroad for an affordable treatment cost and reap the benefits of successful results. Mostly, clients come to Turkey from many countries of the world for services such as aesthetics, plastic surgery, hair transplantation, and dental treatment.

Dental holiday packages in Turkey allow patients to discover the historical and natural attractions of Turkey, while getting their dental treatment completed quickly and at an affordable cost. One of the reasons dental holiday packages are so popular is because Turkey boasts professional dentists who are specialised in their fields with years of experience serving in Turkey.

Dental holiday in Turkey- travel to get a dental treatment

Affordable Costs of Dental Holiday Packages in Turkey

Dental tourism in the form of dental holiday packages is more common than you think. The main reason for this is that Turkey offers very special advantages to patients coming from highly developed countries in Europe, such as the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, and England, as well as the United States of America. Applications such as dental implants, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, aesthetic tooth filling, and root canal treatment are very popular options for a Turkey dental holiday.

The high cost of dental treatment in foreign countries is one of the primary reasons why Turkey is preferred for dental treatments.

Many are interested in why dental treatments in Turkey are so cheap in comparison to other areas of the world like the USA and the U.K. Firstly, one of the most significant influential factors on lower medical prices in Turkey is the country supporting the domestic manufacturing of all goods and products over importing. Consequently, any costs usually associated with shipping, logistics, and customs are eliminated from the final quote given by many clinics.

Secondly, the average salaries of a country underpin what is considered “low cost”. Not only income, but the cost of living is much higher in other world areas like the U.K and USA. Therefore, the low prices in Turkey have everything to do with the economy rather than the quality of procedures.

Booking a Dental Holiday in Turkey with Vera Smile

At Vera Smile, we have specific packages that include everything you need when it comes to dental holiday packages in Turkey which makes the experience straightforward and minimizes stress. We do all the organizing for you. The clinic will provide aftercare equipment and instructions for you and guide you through any steps you need to take after your operation. All your accommodation and transport will usually be included in the costs, you can contact us for the specific details.

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Once you have decided about the right dental treatment for your needs and the specific doctor of ours who you’d like to carry out the work, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are here to help you every step of the way when it comes to your Turkey dental holiday. If you are having trouble understanding the difference between our packages or you would like to enquire about prices, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team.

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