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Can Crowns Fix an Overbite?

An overbite occurs when the top row of teeth extends over the lower row of teeth, being caused by a range of different factors from person to person. In more extreme cases, an overbite can cause extreme tension on the jaw, having the potential to disrupt oral development in younger people.

Most commonly, an overbite is caused by factors such as sucking the thumb, container feeding, genetics, facial advancement, or poor myofunctional behaviours in the younger years. Since reasons differ from person to person, it is recommended to speak to a dentist who will be able to evaluate the situation and establish a better treatment plan depending on the reason for the overbite.

In many cases, an overbite is not a cause for medical concern and can be left alone without a problem. However, many people look to treat their overbite for aesthetic reasons, enhancing the look of their smile to boost their self-confidence. In more severe cases, an overbite requires more than just aesthetic work, which might require jaw surgery, being a risk of further dental issues if left untreated. Gum tissue damage is a key issue faced by those with an extreme overbite since the lower front teeth can contact the gum line in the back of the top front teeth, resulting in gum tissue downturn and potentially even teeth loss down the line. Since the teeth meet in places where they shouldn’t, tooth wear and damage can occur as they are prone to grinding together when the jaw is misaligned, creating enamel wear, tooth cracks, and tooth loss.

Some people find that their overbite is also a cause for speech impediments, causing them ongoing struggles when it comes to talking and even eating. Whether it can cause trouble chewing normally or a struggle to articulate certain words, the daily problems can become problematic for many.

Is it worth fixing an overbite with crowns?

In this day and age, it is much easier for those with an overbite to find a treatment that works for them as today’s technology and medical innovations have brought out many choices. Although not every solution is applicable to everybody’s personal situation, an orthodontist or dentist will be able to advise on the suitable options.

Overbite correction with dental crowns is becoming a common approach for those looking to overcome their overbite. It can be used to cover a tooth which may have been broken or worn down following an extended period of time grinding teeth. Fixing an overbite with crowns will allow a tooth to recover back to its normal shape and size, giving it additional strength and making its appearance align with the other teeth for aesthetic purposes.

If a tooth has a large filling from past dental treatments, a crown can assist when there isn’t enough tooth continuing to hold the filling. Similarly, they can also be made use to affix bridges, secure a weak tooth from damaging, or to repair one that’s currently damaged. Being designed to cover any past dental work or damage, fixing an overbite with crows does a great job of hiding any teeth that are blemished or poorly designed.

When to utilize an overbite correction with crowns

If your dental professional suggests a crown, it is probably due to a range of issues or a more severe issue which is likely to worsen over time, even after a more temporary solution. Fixing an overbite with crowns tends to be a lasting approach which can keep your smile balanced for a long-term solution, achieving a bright smile to transform your look.

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