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A gummy smile is a smile that shows off a large section of your gum line. In many cases, It is perfectly natural and healthy, often running in family genes, but in other cases it can be caused by dental issues such as a jaw development problem, incorrect bite, and hyperactive or overly short upper lip.

For many people with a gummy smile, they find it can be a source of embarrassment and a main insecurity which leaves them wanting to cover their mouth when they laugh or avoid smiling for the camera. Whether you’re interested in gummy smile treatment for aesthetic purposes or to address any underlying issues, there are options that can help so you can achieve the smile of your dreams.

Gummy Smile Treatment Options

If you’re looking for gummy smile correction methods that can leave you feeling like a million dollars, Turkey dental treatment is a popular approach as it means people can achieve their dream smile with more affordable price points than other countries in the world

Whether you’re interested in a non-surgical procedure such as crowns, or you’d rather get maximum results through a surgical procedure such as gum reduction surgery, keep on reading to find out more about the different approaches available so you can decide which may be the best option to fix a gummy smile and embrace your new found confidence.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a popular gummy smile treatment if there aren’t any major underlying issues that are causing your gummy smile. Getting a crown attached to your teeth is an aesthetic treatment which helps you achieve the teeth of your dreams by placing a crown over the top of your existing tooth. When it comes to gummy smile correction, a dental professional will attach crowns to your teeth to make them appear longer and larger, having the effect of making your teeth look like they’re more proportionate to your gums. This approach is one of the more non-invasive ways to fix a gummy smile but if you have an underlying dental condition that’s causing your gummy smile, this method will not help with any pain or discomfort so is not suitable.

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment can be a good option for gummy smile treatment if your issue is caused by a jaw problem or an improper bite. As well as sorting the aesthetics of your smile, this professional treatment can also tackle any pain and discomfort caused by the condition so you can resolve the problem for good. Although the treatment plan would depend on your personal situation and needs to be discussed during a one on one consultation, gummy smile correction treatment often helps the appearance of a gummy smile by correctly aligning the smile, naturally meaning the gums show less.

Gum Reduction Surgery

Gum reduction surgery is also known as gum contouring or gingivectomy and the procedure removes excess gum tissue from around your teeth. If you are struggling with a large gum area, this gummy smile treatment can fix a gummy smile by making your teeth appear bigger and brighter. If you feel uncomfortable about how much gum you have showing in your mouth, this is an effective way to reduce the amount of gum on show without impacting your teeth themselves, achieving natural results by purely focusing on the gums.

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If your end goal is a better gum to tooth ratio, more symmetry for your gum line, a reduction in bleeding and swelling, or excess tissue to be gone when you speak or smile, we’ve got the answers you have been looking for.

At Vera Smile, our dental professionals know how to fix a gummy smile to achieve natural looking results that will leave you flashing your new smile at every possible opportunity. To put you at ease, you will be transported to our modern clinic where you will undergo a pain-free procedure among the best professionals in the country who use state of the art equipment for the best results possible.

There are some amazing dentists in Turkey when it comes to gummy smile treatment, and we have some of the most qualified and well-reviewed working at Vera Clinic. It can be tricky to find a dentist quickly as it requires some level of research, but our trustworthy reputation means our customers keep returning and are always thrilled with their procedure results, whether they are dental or cosmetic.

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