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Minimalism in art, fashion, and even architecture is the ideal approach to beauty, and cosmetic surgery is not any different. The more subtle the effects of a procedure are, the more prominent an individual’s beauty grows. The secret is to tackle the trivial features instead of submitting your face under the knife for a thorough makeover. Below you will find four cosmetic procedures that are minimally invasive with instantaneous results.

1- Cosmetic dentistry

Your smile is among the first things strangers first notice about you and conclude the first impression from. In addition, a beautiful smile brightens your face and can make you stand out. Dental procedures that can significantly transform your smile do not take a few hours time at the dentist. Every oral issue can be easily reversed at the dentist. Suffering teeth discoloration? Teeth whitening is a technology that incorporates whitening gels that can penetrate the semi-permeable enamel to breakdown stubborn stains. The session does not take up to an hour, but the results are long-lasting and can give you the confidence boost you need.

Another procedure that can grant your pearly whites the ability to charm the ones around you is dental veneers. Dental veneers are caps like structures that are placed on the front side of teeth to cover fractures, misalignment, or gaps. The caps come in a gradient of natural looking colors giving you the opportunity to choose the closest to your natural teeth.

2- PRP therapy

Healthy hair signifies youth, vitality, and fertility; affecting thereby, the way the public perceives you. The texture, color, and even type of hair are of trivial significance in terms of affecting appearance. What matters most is that your hair is healthy and moisturized boosting your attractiveness. Procedures such as PRP therapy fully operate on your own cells. Growth factors are extracted from your blood and inserted back into your scalp. The effects of the treatment include higher hair growth to hair loss ratios and better-nurtured hair. You may need a few sessions depending on the severity of your hair loss.

3- Eyebrow transplants

The aptness by which eyebrows can alter your facial features is quite underestimated. The wiggly streaks of hair have always been a major part of fashion and a feature that can be subject to harsh criticism for the way they can manipulate an individual’s features. With that being said, eyebrow transplants are the procedure that can restore hair loss or merely permanently change the shape of the brows.

The transplanted hair blends completely with the original hair, the results are free of scar, and most importantly can be treated like natural hair.

4- Lip Fillers

The key to the success of lip fillers is moderation. Plump lips are considered neotenous features, granting their owners collective admiration from the public. Of course, we are only exaggerating, but a full pair of lips is again linked with vitality and youth and makes the person appear to be more approachable and less stern. The key again is to visit a trusted clinic and not overdo it.

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