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To receive dental work in Turkey, you must first have an online dental consultation. When partaking in an online dental consultation, there are many elements you should consider. It is vital that a clinician obtains valid, informed consent from patients when discussing and deciding upon a treatment plan within an online dental consultation.  Dental scans and photographs aid the patient in properly visualising the condition of the teeth in a comparative sense, before and after the procedure in question. Essentially, it avoids any miscommunications in relation to what that patient’s teeth will look like after the procedure and medicolegally, it is absolutely necessary to have dental scans and photos so that the clinician has a point of reference when it comes to a medicolegal review.

How to Properly Take Photographs For an Online Dental Consultation

When it comes to an online dental consultation, Panoramic X-rays and sometimes dental Tomography images are needed as well as dental images and dental scans. If a patient does not have dental Tomography or a Panoramic X-ray, the clinician carrying out your dental work in Turkey will prepare an accurate treatment plan in line with the dental images you provide for them. It is important that you take these dental images properly in order to give your clinician the most accurate representation of your teeth.

Within an online dental consultation, it is ideal to produce 6 dental images. To do this successfully, you must take each photograph from the following positions.

While Biting Your Back Teeth:

  • Front side: Pull both your cheeks outwards and bite on your back teeth.
  • Left side & Right side: Pull back on one side and on the other side, take your other spoon or your index and third finger to keep your lips apart

With Your Mouth Open:

  • Upper Jaw: Tilt head back and pull cheeks or upper lips in towards the top of your head. Try to capture as much of the biting surface of your teeth as possible
  • Lower Jaw: Tilt head down and pull cheeks and lower lips downwards, towards your chin. Keep your tongue towards the back of your mouth and attempt to capture as much of the biting surface of your teeth as possible

Finally, you must take one more dental image of yourself smiling, showing your teeth as much as you can from the front. To this properly, bite on your back teeth and smile as much as you can.

A friend or a family member can help you take the dental images.

How To Take Dental Images For a Dental Consultation

For your online dental consultation, the following are the primary types of dental images that will be very useful in helping a clinic for dental work in Turkey make the right consultation. Follow these steps and make your online dental consultation as simple as possible.

  • Make sure your flash is on – a constant form of lighting is required for good quality dental images.
  • Try to capture just your mouth and teeth if possible so the clinician can focus on the area they need to.
  • Relax your lips. Ensure they aren’t tense when producing your dental images.
  • Keep your teeth together and bite on your back teeth during the photo.

In Summary

By following these tips, you will be able to streamline the process of an online dental consultation and get the treatment you require in no time at all.

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