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It’s called a Hollywood smile for a reason. Cosmetic dentistry is incredibly popular among the stars, which is why so many celebrities have taken to shaping up their smile with dentistry. In aesthetic terms, a straight set of teeth can really transform your entire face so that you can go from the average sidekick to the protagonist with just one procedure. Dental implants also help to improve the overall oral health of your mouth and perfect teeth can do wonders for confidence and clarity of speech. Here is a list of celebrities who have improved their life with cosmetic dentistry:

1. Cheryl Cole

The singer and judge who made her name in the pop group Girls Aloud didn’t always have a perfect smile. After getting her teeth straightened and investing in dental implants, the UK beauty landed the title of the world’s sexiest woman for two years running. The dentistry work really transformed her features, bringing more attention to the cheek dimples that she is famed for.

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2. Victoria Beckham

While she may have been Posh Spice in the pop group Spice Girls, her smile was not always as regal. Victoria is another celebrity who underwent cosmetic dentistry to perfect her smile. Known for her serious expression, Victoria Beckham rarely shows off her teeth in photos, opting for a poker face instead; when she does flash a smile, her teeth are the focal point of the photo.

3. Louis Walsh

The Irish entertainment manager and X-Factor judge is well-known for his jovial manner and cheerful smile. Walsh indulged in cosmetic dentistry among other procedures in an attempt to keep up with his co-judges and gain a more youthful appearance. His teeth look natural and his perfectly aligned smile gives him a more polished appearance on camera; the television audience would never guess that he is in his sixties.

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4. Jim Carrey

Canadian comedy legend, Jim Carrey, is notable for his animated and enthusiastic acting. His smile has become synonymous with his name and subsequently the roles he has played. He is well-known for playing Lloyd, the lovable goof with a distinctive chipped tooth in the movie Dumb and Dumber; but did you know this chipped tooth is actually his own and not the result of special effects makeup? Dental implants seamlessly fixed the large chip in his tooth but he removes the dental work for comedic purposes in movies.

5. Tom Cruise

This American actor has arguably had the biggest dental transformation. His new smile was unrecognizable in comparison to the crooked teeth he had in his youth. From chipped teeth to misalignment, Tom had many dental issues before having them fixed but now has the perfect and gleaming smile that you would expect from an A-list celebrity. Capable of improving your career prospects, cosmetic dentistry undoubtedly made Cruise the action movie heartthrob that he is today.

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