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What Is Diastema and How Is It Treated?

What Is Diastema and How Is It Treated?

A diastema is used to describe a gap between the teeth, most commonly between the two front teeth. Although excessive spacing can occur in many areas of the mouth, diastema in teeth at the front are more well-known and recognizable. Most of the time, a diastema does not require any dental treatment as it rarely causes a threat to oral health, being a natural occurrence that is caused by having plenty of space in the mouth. When people choose to have treatment for a diastema in their teeth, this is purely aesthetic as some people prefer to close the gap, boosting their self-confidence so they can smile with pride.

What is diastema caused by?

Teeth diastemas are common but there are many different potential causes which will differ from person to person. Most of the time, it is completely unavoidable, however, it can be self-inflicted and is fully preventable. In most cases, a diastema in teeth is genetic and is unescapable, running in the family. As with many non-dental issues, gaps in the teeth can run in families, sometimes starting from a young age but not lasting when adult teeth come through, and sometimes being prevalent throughout life.

Problems in tooth development is another primary cause of diastema, starting from a young age. Whether this is caused by certain childhood habits or injuries that cause you to lose teeth during early and late childhood, a gap in between teeth can form as the teeth change position.

If somebody fails to stay on top of their dental hygiene, it can lead to gum disease, periodontitis, which develops when healthy gum tissue can cause gum recession, exposing dark spaces between teeth below the gum line. Over time, this can be the cause of a diastema in teeth as the area of the tooth which was once hidden is then revealed.

Treating a diastema in teeth

It is normally possible to fix most diastemas if this is a desire of the person in question. Whether it is for medical purposes or aesthetic purposes, there are a range of measures which can be taken both at home or with the help of a dental professional.

Lots of people choose to embrace the diastema, accepting it as a feature. Especially in milder cases when the upper lip does not tend to rise very high above the tooth or gum line while smiling, many people will not even notice.

To prevent children from developing diastema in teeth at a young age, preventing excessive thumb sucking can make a big difference. Lots of the time a diastema in childhood can be prevented by avoiding habits which put a lot of pressure on developing teeth. Parents can try methods like finger guards and bitter nail polishes if their child is in the habit of sucking their thumb often. Another habit that can prevent a diastema if squashed is tongue thrusting, where the tongue pushes on the front teeth when swallowing, being preventable through speech therapy if a child needs to relearn a healthy swallowing pattern.

Gum disease can be a cause of gum and bone loss in later years, making gaps form or become more visible as the formation of teeth changes. Advanced gum disease may require more invasive treatments such as gum grafts, jaw surgery, or other treatments to control the disease. By maintaining good standards of oral hygiene, gum disease can be kept at bay, and regular dentist visits will help spot any signs in the early stages.

Dental crowns are often chosen by those who want to hide their teeth diastemas for aesthetic reasons. Especially if the gap is caused by a missing tooth, such as through injury, then applying dental crowns can treat the issue by using tooth-colored composite resin crowns to maintain the appearance of a person’s teeth. Turkey dental treatment is an increasingly popular choice made by many as they can achieve the smile of their dreams at a more affordable price point than in other countries across the world.

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